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  • Listening to: I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan
  • Reading: Fell by David Clement-Davies
  • Watching: WALL-E
  • Playing: Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Eating: Barbecue beef hot pockets
  • Drinking: Generic pink lemonade in a can
Note that my mood thing is not what I am listening to/reading/watching/playing/eating/drinking RIGHT THIS MOMENT but just lately. Though I guess you couldn't do all those things at once, so you probably already guessed that. Also, I wish there was a sarcastic emoticon. =P

I decided to update my profile information on DA tonight, and realized I've never made a journal entry here, so here it is. You get to read all about what I thought was missing from the profile options tonight. Lucky you. And I hope you know how asterisks work. No one seems to use them on the internet for anything other than bleeping out swear words.

Long ago, I decided that I am a "Deviant: Wise Ass." Today I looked to see if they have any more options that also suit me. There were a few, but none as good as Wise Ass, Though I considered "Deviant: Model." But I only considered it because I am, in fact, a Wise Ass. Anyway, I didn't find a more suitable title for myself, but I did notice some things.

What the hell is a "Writer: Hack?" Do they write things that are "a total hack" or do they write about hacking? Or is hack related to slash? For that matter, why isn't "Writer: Slash" an option? And how come "Writer: Fanfiction" isn't an option? "Artist: Fan Art" should be an option, too.

How come "Artist: Fantasy Artist" is an option, but "Artist: Science Fiction Artist" isn't? They aren't the same thing, people! The line isn't even that thin!* And they have both "Writer: Fantasy Writer" and "Writer: Science Fiction Writer" as options, too! So if you're a sci-fi writer you're covered, but if you're a sci-fi artist, you're screwed?

Why isn't there an option to simply type in your own title like the ones I mentioned that should be there but aren't?

I also thought there should be more options for Devious Info. Some options that would be nice are: Favorite TV series, favorite song, favorite book, favorite poem, favorite genre of movie/book/game, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite color, when your birthday is, and maybe even pet of choice (are you a dog person or cat person?).

Speaking of birthdays, I turned 17 on March 27th, and I just found out my DA profile didn't get a single pageview that day. Though I never get pageviews anyway. xD

*Okay, sometimes it is, like in Dragon Riders of Pern, which is technically sci-fi because it takes place on another planet and the dragons were genetically engineered, (though the people have long since lost such technology, giving it a more medieval fantasy kind of feel) if I remember correctly. I've only read part of one of the books and that was years ago.


Call me Xiria.
United States


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